はずれ馬券の使い道 1998.10.15


Supporting the development of dioxin analysis equipment 1998.04.15

In connection with the basic policy of the Ministerial Conference on Dioxin countermeasures, the environmental Agency will support the development of dioxin analysis equipment for all prefectures and designated cities by FY 2002. The subsidy is for the installation of gas chromatography and its facilities (approx. 200 million yen per unit), and one-third of the usual (one-half in the Pollution Prevention planning area). In fiscal 1999, we planned to support the installation of 14 groups.

Car sharing is expanding to the city② 2018.11.30

Car sharing business in urban areas-from private ownership to function use-sharing is coming out of the idea of servicing sizing. It is a business model that the product that was sold as a conventional product is obtained by providing the function that the products have. From the standpoint of the user, the purpose is not to own the personal property of the product itself, but to use the function of the product. For example, the function of an automobile is mobility. It takes the form to use only the function without buying and privately owning the car to obtain the function. 

What is car sharing. The fastest growing car sharing business in the urban Center is the "Park 24" of the parking lot management company. The company mainly operates in Tokyo mainly in the car sharing business "times car plus" other than the main car parking lot, but operating revenues for the fiscal year ending October 2017 are around 2.5 billion yen. The growth rate is more than doubled in the previous fiscal year. It is said that it is "steady expansion" since the change in surplus in October, 2002. The number of bases is 8600 base as of October. It is more than ten thousand momentum in this term. Orix Share (car-sharing 2nd place) 1400, car rental is the largest of Toyota car rental in greater than 1200.

生分解性潤滑油① 1999.04.15

潤滑油類は、 建設械や工作機械など油圧装置の作油、 自動車や船舶などのエンジンオイル、 冷蔵庫やエアコンの冷凍機油 (冷媒)などさまざまな分野で使用され、 産業活動はもちろん一般家庭においても欠くことのできない存在となっており、国内の年間使用は約240万キロリットルに及ぶ。 事業所などから排出される廃潤滑油(年間約120万キロリットル)については、すでに回収・再生ルートが構築されており、 さらに通産省 ・工業技術院が99年度から再生重油のJIS化に乗り出すなど、これまで焼却による熱利用しか使い道のなかった再生重油の品質向上と用途拡大を図る取り組みが進められているが、その一方では自然環境中に排出された潤滑油による 環境汚染が問題となっている。

現在、 潤滑油として普及しているのは、 原油を蒸留し てガソリンやLPG(液化天然ガス) 、軽袖などを取り出した後に残った重油をベースオイル(基油)と した鉱油系と、 ガソリン精製段階でできるナフサを原料とした化学合成系の2類だが、いずれも自然環境中ではほとんど分解しない。 また、 潤滑油には使用環境や目的に応じて酸化防止剤や磨耗防止剤などさまざまな添加剤を配合するが、 なかには硫黄やりん系の有機化合物が含まれるものもあり、生態系に悪影響を及ぼすことになる。

油による水質 ・土壌汚染への対策としては、 バイオレメディェーション (徴生物腑) を中心と した対処療法的な技術の開発が進められているが、可能な限り事前対策に取り組むことが重要であり、 潤滑油にも環境対応型の製品が求めらている。欧米では微生物によって水とCO2に分解される生分解性の潤滑油が、 屋外で使用される建設・農業機械などの作油として広く普及しており、
日本でも日石三菱、 ゼネラル石袖、 昭和シェル石油、 モービル石油、 ジャパンエナジーなどの石油会社や 潤滑油メーカーが相次いで製品化。通産省では 「化学物質の審査及び製造などの規制に関する法律(化審法) 」 に基づき、 経済協力開発機構 (0ECD) の 「化学物質の安全性評価のためのテストガイドライン」に沿って、化学物質の生分解性及び蓄積性の試験を実施しており、 ここが生分解性潤滑油の評価基準となってぃる。

自然に分解するとぃぅのが最大の特徴だが、 完全分解には早くとも ーヵ月かかるため、 そのまま使い捨てられるというわけではなぃ。不慮の事故による油漏れなど環境中にやむなく排出されてしまった際に環境負荷をできるだけ少な<するというものだ。今のところコス卜が鉱油系の2~5倍ということで本格普及には至っていないが、各地で盛んに進められている緑地造成や多自然型川づくりなどでも建設機械は活躍しており、環境保全事業を行なう側が環境汚染の原因となっては本末転倒も甚だしく、 欧米の例からも自然環境と深く関わる建設・農業分野での採用が期待大である。

難燃剤、規定満たせば使用可 1998.10.15



PVC ban on toys subject in EU 1998.04.15

The European Commission, the Executive Body of the EU, proposes a ban on the European market, which provides PVC containing phthalates for toys intended for children under the age of three. Because phthalates may adversely affect the health of infants, they are expected to be implemented soon. Also, toys that are not intended to be placed in the mouth are also obligated to label the use of phthalates.

汽车税的绿色关闭厚 1999.12.15

政府对税务调查的审查方向是, 2000 财政年度的税制改革在 "汽车税绿色" 中中断, 由于燃油效率的原因, 汽车税增加或减少。 认为 "绿化" 的含义消失的原因是, 由于没有燃油经济性标准, 占整个汽车二氧化碳排放总量 4 0% 的大型货车的想法逐渐消失。

Eco-friendly hotels are on the increase 1

I hear that more and more tourists and young people in Japan choose environmentally friendly accommodations. The Eco-hotel, which is based on a different ecological service than the traditional service, is established as a new hotel service. In the past, it was an opportunity to acquire ISO14001 certification for each hotel and to improve the environment of business activities.
 I followed the current situation of the Eco Hotel. "Eco Hotel", which complies with the environmental management of the eco-hotel prior to the current trend, was the environmental improvement of our business activities. You can change to the pump type of the appropriate dosage from disposable shampooing shampoo, you can switch to eco building materials to eliminate the authentic linoleum, in addition to use the organic materials such as yukata and bedding, and Ene the Ministry for indoor Lighting,  The main efforts were to reduce and recycle food residue discharged at the facility. The reason behind this is that the incentive as a business to Seru customers in addition to improving business activities is strengthened. One of the ways to choose hotels among tourists from Europe, where environmentally friendly hotels are becoming the mainstream, is to not miss the "choose an eco hotel at the same price". With the surge of foreign tourists in the hotel industry, hotel prices and traditional services are just the time to reconsider. A new customer base has emerged for the tourists who are attracted to these eco-hotels. Young people seeking a lifestyle that considers the environment and health (safety and security).

加速非法倾倒工业废物 1999.12.15

根据卫生和福利部的摘要, 1998年非法倾倒工业废物的数字为1273起, 调查发现, 调查的数量比93个财政年度高出约五倍。 1997年修订的《废物处置法》显示, 由于最终处置地点的审批要求更加严格, 垃圾填埋场短缺的情况有所加速。 事实上, 处置场地的新改善数量大幅减少, 从1999年4月到 1999年9月, 每年约130份许可证的数量只停止了9份。

環境汚染に備え食品バンク 1998.10.15



ほぼ全施設でダイオキシン基準クリア 1998.10.15


The recycling guideline was revised by the Production Council 1999.12.15

The Waste and Recycling Committee of the Industrial Structure Council (産業構造審議会) revised some recycling guidelines. We added six categories of products, such as copy machines, gas and petroleum equipment, textile manufacturing, leasing, and cement manufacturers to a range of 28 items and 17 industries. As an individual countermeasure, the numerical targets for the recycling rate of pet bottles, personal computers, and peripheral devices were set up during fiscal 1999.

A city mine (urban mine) is a treasure trove of rare metals... 2

"The way of recycling rather than foreign resource acquisition"

Smart the road of recycling than the acquisition of resources overseas-the gold contained in the phone and game consoles, etc. is 0.3%. On the other hand, it is said that the amount of harvesting from the natural ore 1 ton is 3-5%. The ratio is about 0.0003%. Other metals with high depletion are also gradually decreasing. The reason is that the ore with a lot of content is decreasing because it takes too much. Based on the current situation, eyes are on the effective use of urban mines where the amount of sampling is reliable. Moreover, it leads to the prevention of the pollution and the health damage of a local resident by the harmful substance to the environment by a large-scale mining, and the hazardous material at the time of harvesting.

But hear the voices of Shing from the industry and some of the scholars. "Natural ore cannot be won in terms of cost". As a matter of fact, technology to lower the recycling costs of gold and silver and other rare metal recoveries is advancing rapidly. In the environment business, "recycling is a manufacturing industry with waste materials" and from the point of view, there are few successful cases where metal recovery from urban mines is a business. As a guide of Yokohama Metal, Tanaka Precious metals has expanded its base in earnest.

Urban mining is reusing, recycling and rebuilding raw materials from (the electrical and electronic waste of) the city.

森林砍伐也会导致全球变暖 1999.11.15

日本气象厅气象研究所已确定热带地区发生大规模森林火灾的可能性, 以加剧全球变暖。 从93年到 6年, 在日本和澳大利亚之间的一架客机上收集和调查空气的结果是, 集中在 380ppb, 是1997年秋季至1998年春季澳大利亚北部最正常情况的近10倍。 检测到植物燃烧时的浓度模式, 发现印尼森林火灾同时产生的二氧化碳。

废物车辆回收率的95% 1999.12.15

日本汽车制造商协会宣布, 已能够将废车回收利用率从目前情况的 8 0% 提高到 9 5%。 在茨城县筑波市研究机构进行的铁和与碎废料混合的玻璃碎片被清除后, 通过示范试验确定了技术和经济, 将其排除在水分之外。 我们在高温下提取甲烷等气体燃料, 并取出可用于隔热的碳基物质, 以确保资源利用。


環境報告書作成に意欲 1998.10.15


A city mine is a treasure trove of rare metals 3

All medals are unsubstantial in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in April, the organization committee will make "the medal project for everyone from the city mines" to the Tokyo metropolitan Government, a smartphone, a gala, a game machine, Started collecting electronic small appliances such as personal computers. The goal is to make all 5,000 medals in recycled gold, silver and copper. There is a concern that it will end in the effort of the cheer only. 2001 Appliance Recycling Law enforcement, currently, home appliance recycling rate 52%. In 2013, the small Household appliance recycling law is enforced, and the current recycling rate is less than 10%. As a country, I would like to ride the big event of the Olympic Palin picks at once and raise the recycling rate which is not progressing at once, but I leave it to a "voluntary" recovery system of the others. As a result, the small household appliances of the city mine are thrown out to foreign countries as a resource, and the trader is swept away at a high price in the process of being handed over to the municipality, and it is dumped illegally because of the recycling cost (evasion).
In short, things are moving in the usual economic rules. What do you do with the issues of volume reduction and reduction? It is necessary to make the rule not to use the Virgin resource as much as possible from the beginning so that the city mine is not born not the coping therapy which says. A new product enliven the market, tickling the endless desires of the unchanging consumer. If we consider the realization of a sustainable society for future generations, is it a resource-small country, and is it necessary to anticipate the resources that future generations should enjoy, and the idea of avoidance of resource waste?





大型展会与环保产品 1999.11.15

日本首届环保产品展 "1999年地球生态瓷砖展" 将于2012年12月10日至12日在东京大视野 (免费入场) 举行。 该部计划培养绿色消费者, 促进环保产品的传播, 公司已决定参与 2 0 0多家公司, 带来家电、文具、汽车和办公产品。


城市矿是2020年东京奥运会和残奥会中的稀有金属宝库, 日本组委会并没有缓慢地开始尝试将 "城市矿山" 中的金银等稀有金属再利用到4月份的每一枚奖牌上。 "为什么, 什么? 这种稀有金属的回收利用并不是现在的开始。 《小户型家电回收法》针对废旧电子设备等, 在 1 3年内实施, 由于每种废旧产品的回收义务, 1 5个财政年度的回收率不到 1 0%。 城市矿山回收利用作为奖牌再利用..。 梦想和梦想的现状。

城市矿山和城市矿山、智能手机、联欢会、游戏机、稀有金属 (稀有金属)、贵金属等产品都包括在小型消费电子产品中。 这些使用的产品被认为是 "开采" 资源, 埋在城市中的一个地雷的概念。 在城市地区排放并被重新用于取出贵金属和稀有金属的回收电气和电子设备。 它是由东北大学冶炼和精炼选矿研究所教授 michio nanjo 于1980年倡导的。 随着金银等贵金属价格的上涨, 由于股价暴跌的 "金本位", 以及东京奥运会和残奥会奖牌回收利用的势头, 再次引起人们的关注。

据世界领先的材料和材料研究组织估计, 日本城市矿山在6万吨的情况下, 睡了 1, 800 吨黄金和16% 的世界储量, 约22% 的白银, 占6万吨。 黄金和白银储量都是世界上最好的。 顺便说一下, 铜是3800吨中第二大铜。 世界上的每一个需求都将达到大约三年的足够供应。 其他锂 7年, 铂金 5年, 稀土2年可提供充足。 从这个城市矿山的储量看, 日本是世界上最隐蔽的 "资源国家" 之一。 但是, 被忽略的状态将继续为未使用状态。 作为一个资源小国和日本, 排放是需要再次重新考虑的命题之一, 也是世界一流的粮食损失。


Pollution is underway at sea and lake 1999.12.15

The environmental agency announced the results of a nationwide survey of water pollution in 1998. We were able to achieve environmental standards by chemical oxygen demand (CCD) in the Sea area 73. 6 percent, in the lakes at 40. 9 percent. Both deteriorated for the second consecutive year. Pollution in the waters was reversed to the same level as in the mid-70s when pollution was serious. The concentration of the average year in the lake was high in the order of Teganuma, Inba uma and Lake Kojima. On the other hand, the environmental standard achievement rate of the river was 81%, from 1997 to 0. 1 percent improvement.

94ヵ所で環境教育を支援 1999.04.15


珊瑚礁的二氧化碳平衡 1999.11.15

通过东京大学在冲绳县石垣岛的观察, 发现珊瑚礁在海洋中吸收和释放二氧化碳的情况在季节和白天及黑夜都有波动。 在日常的基础上, 与珊瑚共存的浮游植物的光合作用白天吸收二氧化碳, 而通过呼吸排出的二氧化碳在夜间占主导地位。 在这个季节, 夏天的释放是明显的, 冬天被吸收的频率更高。 多年来, 珊瑚礁倾向于吸收二氧化碳。

The recycling network of waste as the corporate collaboration 1998.10.15

The new business to mediate and mediation waste is promising for the recycling of waste materials. It is a service industry which provides the waste discharged from each company as a valuable thing to each enterprise necessary as a resource. They are also asked to secure the necessary waste and collect them even out of work. The brokerage and mediation business of such waste is approved by each industry.In America, large-scale waste is bought and sold on the Internet, and waste is no longer considered as a "second resource and raw material", and the mediation and mediation market for it is expanding.

In Japan, for example, if you could squeeze Kasuya of juice, collect apple skins, and reuse raw materials for candy and cakes. In addition, the wood scrap and the old material are the fiber board to the furniture maker if it relates to housing. In addition, many advanced examples can be seen in the field of waste water and scrap metal. The point is that the idea of using waste as a resource is the construction of a network of resources for recycling and supply. These cases are seen in a relatively small number of small business businesses, but they are being held in large-scale cases these days.

The recycling network of waste is also formed in the corporate collaboration of clusters (cluster = bunches, clumps, herds). A cluster is an attempt to increase its potential by collaborating with several companies on an industrial activity that has been completed within a company. In other words, waste is used as a raw material among several companies. Companies can reduce the cost of waste disposal and reduce production costs by effectively taking advantage of waste. It can be said that recycling of waste is not only a consideration to the environment but also a useful method in the management strategy because the price rise of the resource is forecast in the future. As a matter of doing so, the intermediary and mediation of wastes occupy an important position.

ダム掃除で太陽光利用 1999.04.15


To feed more than fertilizer②

Promotion of feed-in by Loop recycling the company has been increasing its efforts to establish a loop recycling program that promotes recycling by selling pork that has been nurtured by the feed that has been recycled by itself. A relatively large example is the Japan Food Ecology Center in Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Food waste produced in food factories, department stores, supermarkets, and lunch centers along the Odakyu line are made into fodder, and the pig meat fed by the feed is sold in a wide variety of industries, including supermarkets, department stores, and hotels. This attempt has been carried out at a major supermarket in Chiba, Kita Kanto and Tama area, and has been successful. Also, under the Ibaraki prefecture, we are developing a dual-wielding method to sell rice and vegetables through the recycling of "fertilizer" loops.

Both of them received a lot of repeaters and heard that the business was strong. Food waste that comes out of the diet home of Japan forgot the waste is said to be 10 million tons close, 11 trillion yen in terms of food costs. This is almost the same amount as the production of Japan agricultural and fishery industries. In addition, the processing cost (incineration) is used for 2,000 trillion yen. There is also a reality of 2 million tons of expired food that can be discarded by using electricity in a home refrigerator. The brakes on the mass disposal of mass consumption are not effective.


To feed more than fertilizer ①

Food waste situation of Japan about the development of the environmental business market in China for eight days, we conducted a company visit from each region, but what I felt most in this time was that the leftovers (food loss) in the dinner surrounding the round table has decreased considerably. The reason is that eating habits which order the proper amount of food which wants to eat to reduce the foods loss are expanding if it hears it. Aside from that, the amount of food waste in our country remains the top class in the world.

How has the vast amount of food waste been processed in Japan now? It is said that food waste of 20 million to 2,500 million tons per year is discharged to the Japan not less than 40% food self-sufficiency rate from fertilizer to feed. This is one year's worth of food that will cover 80 million people in the world. By the way, nearly 20 million people died in the year due to hunger. About 70% of the children starve to death. More than half a million tons of food waste discharged in the Japan are from the food industry. The basic stance of this country is how to reduce the number of things that came out of this crime rather than the efforts to produce a huge waste of food. It's a guy called coping therapy. I followed the coping therapy. Speaking of recycling of food waste, there were many cases to be fertilizer, such as poor profitability as a business to ensure the quality of the fertilizer, recently increased livestock feed than fertilizer. Because the Japan relies on imports of about 90% or more of the feed, it is better to feed the fodder when considering the stable supply of feed, while soaring grain prices, the main ingredient in feed, will rebound into feed prices. The Government and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry have also recommended "eco-feed (feed of food residue)". In terms of re-resource technology, it is difficult to feed the food waste as a raw material is easily deteriorated and stable supply, and the influence on the meat quality in the nutritional balance side was a drawback, and it has been almost improved now. In addition to the "drying method" (liquid fertilizer) "silage adjustment (raw material is sealed, lactic acid fermentation to prevent the propagation of bacteria)" has been developed, among them, the demand for hog feed is rapidly increasing.

Soil contamination of agricultural land, 7145 hectares in total 1999.12.15

The environmental agency reports on the soil contamination status of agricultural land to the medium-ring audit soil Pesticide Subcommittee. According to this, a total of 7145 hectares (129 regions) are accumulated in regions where cadmium, arsenic, and copper specific hazardous substances have been detected above the reference value. A total of 6174 hectares (67 regions) have been formulated to plan pollution countermeasures based on the Soil Contamination Prevention Act of agricultural land. The completion area of the countermeasure business is 5631 hectares.

An energetic president of small and medium-sized enterprises 2000.12.20

It was in a severe, small and medium-sized construction industry that "the companion's how many firms was in the hardships of the bankruptcy", and it was in a very energetic president. Three years ago, the source of energy was the determination of "changing the idea and the change of business category." "To create a new business that takes advantage of the management resources including the network that took over from the father, and put the environment in one of the business philosophies." The environment as a philosophy is "landing on the Sosiovidines as a corporate ideal of the 21st century" and "consideration for the next generation not seen yet". The "ISO9001" and "ISO14001" certification were selected as a tool for the conversion of ideas. ISO9001 was acquired over the course of one year and two months. We are still working on acquiring iso140001. In the process of acquiring these certifications, the president says the workforce has changed rapidly.

"The social motivation of my work" or "The joy of concentrating on one thing together and studying and creating." The cost was more than I had expected, but it was more than I could get. Attitudes related to the high-ratio public works have also changed. At the site, employees voluntarily started to beautify the environment. For example, the extension of the sidewalk will be used for separating garbage and tobacco ashtrays for passers-by. You can arrange the flowers of the season, and guide the purpose of the construction into a big signboard with illustrations. "The consciousness of the people who work in the field has changed. The atmosphere of the site changed greatly, too.

Such a small change is now beginning to change the company vividly, "the president looks happy. On the other hand, a concrete mass recycling business was started to supply roadbed materials used for public works. It stopped digging from the mountain, and it switched to the concrete mass. "First, consider the environment. As a tail, the concrete masses are cheaper than 300 to 400 yen per tonne. Recycled materials have come to sell. " He is also energetic in the renovation business as a new business in the construction field. "The days of scrap and build are no longer the end. The idea from rebuilding. " All the employees are twisting their heads in business development for the environment. "I think I can definitely go," said the president. In some parts of society, the signs of such transformation are surely visible.

【要点在这里】环保产品 2002.04.20

随着全球激励措施的扩大, 如减少二氧化碳等温室气体的京都机制、日本的环境政策和机构激励措施, 以及对每个公司环境管理体系的社会激励措施。 最近环保事业的项目迅速增长。 这个数字大约是800。 环境企业是不断改善各领域环境影响的经济激励, 通过经济效应促进改善活动。 换句话说, 它是一个提供有助于改进活动的产品和服务的企业, 也是一个促进新产业和新工作的企业。 作为每个公司环境业务商业化的一个因素, 首先利用公司的专长开发产品 (设备和货物) 和服务的方法, 另一种是将公司现有的产品和服务转变为环境考虑类型的方法。 例如, 设备。 基于环保产品的概念, 采用生命周期评价方法, 对节能资源等环境影响进行定量评价, 对拆迁和可回收性进行评价。 我们正在努力提高我们产品的环境效率和环境性能。 在这样一个设计阶段, 生态设计的理念和环境考虑的推进, 可以期待未来世界市场的绿色前景对国内厂商的市场份额寄予厚望。业务项目将在环境中继续增长。 基于环境新价值的企业激励措施, 如创建与《自然再生促进法》立法有关的新公共工程, 以及发展以回收为导向的社会的基础设施, 正在接二连三地进行。

Geothermal power equals 10 nuclear reactors

<Nuclear power is not at your feet. Geothermal energy >

● In addition to renewable energy such as solar and wind, it is the geothermal power that attracts attention in recent years as a local consumption energy. In volcanic countries and Japan, geothermal power generation capacity is a big energy resource that is twice the current wind and three times the solar light. Moreover, the CO2 emitted by power generation is a clean energy which contributes to measures against global warming at about one-twentieth of thermal power generation and the same low level as hydroelectric power generation. The hot water resources required for Japan geothermal power generation is 33 million liters in the world, with a power generation capacity of 10 nuclear reactors.

● Geothermal power generation is the one to turn the turbine directly with steam taken out from deep underground. In the thermal power plant, it can be said that the Earth plays the role of the boiler in geothermal power generation while steam is generated by the heat by the combustion of coal, oil, and LNG. As for geothermal power generation, the period leading to the investigation and the development and the operation of excavation etc. up to now has a drawback that the running cost becomes high after all, and the development trader was limited. Therefore, the country has been urging deregulation measures to support the initial investment from the 1990s and to commercialize it in a national park with a lot of geothermal spots. The expansion of these support systems, according to the Ministry of Economics, has set the goal that the amount of geothermal power generation can be developed up to 1.2 million kw in 20 years and 1.9 million kw in 30 years.

By the way, the total output of global geothermal power generation is predicted to swell to 200 million kw in 50 years. The center of the market is Southeast Asia and Africa. The "Paris agreement" measures global warming since 2020, and the business opportunities for geothermal power generation are increasing. By the way, the amount of geothermal power used in Japan is ninth in the world. 70% of the world's geothermal power turbines are made Japan of high technology. To sell the nuclear power plant that is suspicious and dangerous to the world Japan the government buys the world's wry smile. (* _ *)




珊瑚礁的二氧化碳平衡 1999.11.15

通过东京大学在冲绳县石垣岛的观察, 发现珊瑚礁在海洋中吸收和释放二氧化碳的情况在季节和白天及黑夜都有波动。 在日常的基础上, 与珊瑚共存的浮游植物的光合作用白天吸收二氧化碳, 而通过呼吸排出的二氧化碳在夜间占主导地位。 在这个季节, 夏天的释放是明显的, 冬天被吸收的频率更高。 多年来, 珊瑚礁倾向于吸收二氧化碳。









纤维再生危机 1999.11.15

该行业的七个阶段, 包括纺织回收麦加联合会和日本工作手套工业协会总部位于爱知县冈崎, 宣布了一份紧急声明, 纺织再生系统正面临崩溃的危机。 在占再生纺织品需求 8 0% 的工作手套市场, 再生棉花的使用自几年前以来大幅下降。 除了鼓励政府和公司使用国内产品外, 该公司还将开始为国内产品贴标签行业认证标签等活动。

日本首次通过贸易博览会收购 ISO14001 1999.11.15

管理和经营东京大视野的东京国际贸易博览会协会获得了 ISO14001 认证。 这是日本第一个展览场地和主办单位。 展会还加强了废物排放、短期能耗等环境负荷, 加强了环保措施。 该公司的目标是在2001财政年度结束时, 与1998年相比, 每年将一般废物和用电量的回收率降低15%。

Six factors for successful eco business 1999.10.15

Among the major companies, the company has expanded its share of the environmental business market by shifting its accumulated technology to the environment business from early on. It can be said that the business change by the foresight of management top and the idea of the environment consideration enjoyed pioneer profit if it says. However, even in the late-class environment business, there are now business opportunities all over the industry, and the number of successes in the entry case is considerable. Some of the unchanged have succeeded in rebuilding the business of the environment by environmental businesses.

When we look at the success stories of the environmental business, there are some similarities can catch.

1) The motivation and purpose of entry into the environmental business are backed by strong environmental considerations such as improvement of environmental impact.
2) The idea of environmental business on the extension of remedying. For example, when launching a recycling business, the idea is not to commercialize recycling but to commercialize a remedying business. The case of making use of smelting technology to advance to the consumer electronics recycling field.
3) Conduct marketing research to understand the needs of the market.
4) Conduct business development at the same time as technical development. We need to make a system to take advantage of technology. The technology does not move if the recycling technology is not established even if the recovery route and the recycle system are made.
Comprehensive management capabilities including system construction are questioned.
5) Introduce appropriate technology and business to meet the local community.
6) Ability to read policies and measures. Matching by collaborative research in the entry of public works.

Other factors include: 1) companies and Corporations-Consortium, 2) companies and administrations-PFI (Private Finance Initiative), 3) companies and universities-technical grants or alliances with industry-academia collaboration, 4) companies and public research institutes, etc.

HFC Recovery and consumer burden 1999.12.15

The environmental agency has compiled a report that some of the costs of recovering and destroying the HFC of alternative CFC are appropriate for consumers to bear. Since the recovery and destruction of specific CFC is mandated by consumer burden based on the Consumer Electronics Recycling Act, HFC is also a similar method is desirable. The agency estimates that the consumer burden is around 1000 yen per refrigerator, and the car air conditioner 2000-3000 yen.

The introduction of cogeneration in FY 1998 was 220

The Japan Cogeneration Center summarized the introduction status in fiscal 1998. For consumer and industrial use 220/330,000 8451kw, according to the exhaust heat recovery form, "hot water" 157, 80,000 7592kw, "steam" 41, 210,000 8717kw, etc. By power, the "gas turbine" is 34, 190,000 2542kw, 111, 30,000 8311kw, "diesel Engine" is 76, 100,000 7598kw.







現代の環境・概念と言われるものは、大きく「皮相的環境主義」(Shallow Environmetalizm)と「ディープ・エコロジー」(Deep Ecology)の二つの流れに分けられる。





由于日本鸟取市大池塘富营养化和小山湖池塘的富营养化是先进的, 因此从一家私营公司招聘了净水技术。 我们成立了一个由专家组成的评审委员会, 选出了大约五家公司, 并在2000年6月至11月期间进行了公开测试。 我们正在寻找一种通过防止奥科的发生、改善污泥积累的底层质量、净化流入的河流来净化水质的技术。 实际应用前景广阔, 环境负荷低, 对性价比高的技术提出了要求。

东京企业提出的零排放概念 1999.11.15

东京零排放委员会宣布了东京零排放概念, 这是一个由东京公司组成的环境非政府组织。 它根据 10, 000、300, 000、100万和300万人的四阶段人口提出设施建议, 例如在一个 10 000 人的地区, 促进废物食用油等有机废物的回收和再循环, 在 1 0 0万人口的小区里, 提到了回收系统的建设, 比如工厂之间的资源再利用。

Food waste, thinned wood and branch materials as biomass energy 2001.05.20

Biomass energy has been attracting attention as a new energy source as a waste treatment. Biomass is the idea of an organic organism as an energy resource, in addition to plant resources, such as human waste urine, garbage from plants and animals, etc. are also included. The use of biomass energy, which is currently considered, is based on incineration heat utilization, gasification by pyrolysis, methane fermentation, and alcohol fermentation. As for the use technology, the use of heat by direct incineration and the methane fermentation of organic wastes has been put into practical use, but in the food factory, the case of adopting methane fermentation technology is increasing in response to the food waste recycling law.

Approximately 2.7 billion yen has been organized for the development and dissemination of biomass energy in the environment-related budget of the country in fiscal 2001. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare has processed human waste and raw garbage, and launched the "Sludge Regeneration treatment center Concept" to recycle methane gas and compost, and issued a subsidy only for the recycling type of new human waste treatment facilities from fiscal 1998. Therefore, the municipality is looking for a mechanism that can recycle from both sides of the garbage disposal and human waste processing.

In addition, the "Renewable Energy Promotion Law" under consideration for legislation is also touted to promote the dissemination of solar and wind power and biomass energy. 19 million tons of food waste per year, and waste material discarded from construction sites is 17 million tons annually. Only biomass resources that are currently being treated as waste rise to this amount. In addition, the forest area of the current Japan is about 25 million hectares. The forest resources that grow over the years are about 100 million cubic meters Sweden. According to assets such as ministry, the Japan has been left in mountainous areas for about 6 million cubic meters of thinned wood and branch materials. We consider these to be energy resources, and if we plan to proceed deforestation and reforestation, we can diversify energy sources and preserve forests. It also leads to the promotion of forestry, which is declining steadily.

Car sharing is expanding to the city② 2018.11.30

Car sharing business in urban areas-from private ownership to function use-sharing is coming out of the idea of servicing sizing. It is a business model that the product that was sold as a conventional product is obtained by providing the function that the products have. From the standpoint of the user, the purpose is not to own the personal property of the product itself, but to use the function of the product. For example, the function of an automobile is mobility. It takes the form to use only the function without buying and privately owning the car to obtain the function. 

What is car sharing. The fastest growing car sharing business in the urban Center is the "Park 24" of the parking lot management company. The company mainly operates in Tokyo mainly in the car sharing business "times car plus" other than the main car parking lot, but operating revenues for the fiscal year ending October 2017 are around 2.5 billion yen. The growth rate is more than doubled in the previous fiscal year. It is said that it is "steady expansion" since the change in surplus in October, 2002. The number of bases is 8600 base as of October. It is more than ten thousand momentum in this term. Orix Share (car-sharing 2nd place) 1400, car rental is the largest of Toyota car rental in greater than 1200.

超过一半标准的苯 1999.11.15

环保机构公布了在98年的地方公共组织中监测危险空气污染物的结果。 据介绍, 在估计的四种物质中, 三氯乙烯、四氯乙烯、所有测量点的环境标准值和二恶英在大多数地方也低于大气环境准则。 然而, 在292测点中, 苯仍然超过135点的参考值。


Number of ISO14001 registered 2530 items 1999.12.15

The Japan Conformity Certification Association (JAB) summarizes the number of registered naturalization screening registrations for ISO14001 as of the end of September 1999. According to this, the JAB-certified examination and Registration Agency (20 institutions) was based on 2239, and the period of JAB accreditation (13 institutions) was 291. At the top of the institution, Japan Environmental Certification organization 619, Japan Quality assurance organization 524, JAPAN Standards Association 153, Esties Icy S Japan 143.

Sandy's disappearance of Japan in 2080 1999.11.15

World Wildlife Fund and Research group announce future forecast by global warming. The global average temperature in 2080 is up to 3 in the 1990s. 9 degrees C, even at least 1. 2 degrees C information. The sea level is up to 104cm and is at least 19cm high. The Japan predicted a maximum temperature rise of 5 degrees C or higher in 80 years, and nearly all sandy beaches Japan disappeared due to sea level rise. The coastal industrial areas of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka are likely to be affected by high tide.

【要点在这里】生态旅游 1998.07.15

是经济衰退, 但与其他公司相比, 这家旅行社的表现似乎还是不错的。 国内销售公司共65家。 5万亿日元, 听着。 然而, "环境保护" 正在成为规划和管理吸引顾客的一个有用的因素, 即使在旅行社也是如此。 近年来, 生态旅游作为一种和谐旅游与环境的新型旅游时尚风格的确立, 知名度不断提高。 生态之旅始于上世纪 6 0 年代。 在美国和加拿大, "生态旅游" 的新造币从上世纪 8 0 年代末就开始流行。 旅游业作为一个带来经济效益的产业有了显著的发展, 但传统的旅程不仅是为旅客准备的, 也是为接受的一方准备的。 因此, 由旅游发展的利润优先增加的环境破坏。
生态旅游的目的是最大限度地减少与环境相关的环境负担, 培养通过旅行观察、理解和享受资源并为未来留下遗产的环境心态。 该地区的文化也包括在内, 这引起了人们对旅行者获得知识和认识后的自然保护的关注。

因此, 自然环境作为一种旅游资源受到保护。 在过去的几年里, 日本已经计划了各种各样的生态旅游。 1994年, 由日本自然保护协会日本委员会
(1) 少数游客访问自然和文化的生态旅游指南
(2) 自然保护, 尊重当地文化
(3) 环境伦理指南
(4) 避免对自然产生不利影响的设施
(5) 建立了保护区和居民利润返还, 并清楚地展示了生态之旅。
这次生态旅游最流行的风格之一是工作之旅和稳定旅游。 这是一个将自然保护和志愿者活动纳入时间表的旅游。 参与者的人数每年都在增加, 例如农业森林经验和重新造林之旅。 生态之旅很可能会破裂, 尽管它将留下吸引客户、其他设施以获得盈利经验、培训导游角色工作人员的挑战。

new economic indicators are required 2018.10.22

While the GDP (gross national product) is prevalent as a measure of economic growth in which new economic indicators are required, a new economic scale reflecting the "natural capital" incorporating the natural environment of the region has been attracting attention. "Environmental economy" is required to create a new indicator in view of the realization of a prosperous and sustainable society for future generations and people in developing countries. Some major telecommunications companies have begun trying to "visualize" the capital value of the natural environment, such as forests, farmland, and fishery resources.

Calculation of natural value natural capital is the capital that water, air, soil, flora and fauna form. The concept of capital, which is an important production element lined with land and labor in economics, has been widely amplify to natural objects. Based on public data such as government statistics, a new function service that evaluates the characteristics of each municipality from the environmental, social, and economic indices in addition to the capital value of the nature, inhabitants, and artificial structures of about 1740 municipalities around the country. Evasiva in the public. "Evasiva" has provided the ability to calculate the year's worth of forest and farmland to the inhabitants.

For example, the effect of the surface collapse and the avalanche prevention by the forest, the absorption effect of carbon dioxide (CO2), the farm products brought from the farmland, the influence of climate change, etc. are made possible quantitative evaluation by the index of 10 streets. In the new function as a new economic indicator, from the market outlook, such as shipping volume and transaction price of the forest area and timber to give an example, the total of the resource value that the forest owned by each municipality is calculated in the future as a regional capital is made visible. The municipality measures the amount of change in the forest capital, and can set up a measure to secure sustainable forest resources. Although many of the resources are imported for the Japan of small resources, the use of forest resources in the world's third largest forest area without relying on imports is an important issue. It is possible to quantify "natural capital" that the farmland and the fishery resource, etc. give to indifferent in addition to the forest at any rate in the future. It is possible to calculate the loss of quantity, deterioration of quality, and invisible wisdom and culture that are not physically monetary.

1990年森林吸收和积累了约11% 的二氧化碳排放量 1999.12.15

在6个国家和1个区域, 如荷兰瓦瓜根根大学, 调查了森林和木制品吸收和积累的二氧化碳量。 因此, 日本估计, 森林和木材产品吸收和积累了约11% 的二氧化碳排放量, 长达90年。 尽管二氧化碳吸收的计算方法是由2000年秋季举行的全球气候变暖会议确定的, 但承诺比90年减少6% 的日本被认为是排放量增加5%。

【要点在这里】慢食 2002.12.15

在 21世纪, 据说是环境的世纪, 有必要改变我们日常生活的理想方式的观念, 当然是经济和社会的理想方式。 最近, "慢" 的概念正在从传统的 "快" 关于衣服、食物、生活和人民生活的 "快" 传播开来。 缓慢生活和缓慢食物的建议已经被消费者提出来了。 特别是, 在食品安全和保障受到质疑的同时, 慢食也引起了人们的关注, 推出一家食品概念慢的餐厅和一张带有慢食食谱的音乐 cd 成为热门话题。

1998年, 意大利胸罩 (bra) 村的一种快餐, 与麦当劳的快餐截然相反, 致力于安全优质的食品和饮食文化, 并看到现代生活的高效奉献。 (一) 保护可能消失的传统食材和食品、优质食品、葡萄酒, (二) 提供优质食品的小生产者, (三) 促进包括儿童在内的消费者口味教育。 以快餐理念为主导的以效率为导向的第一链的相反命题, 而是仅仅重新思考第一业务和大规模食品行业的标准化, 而是重新思考了 "食品" 的原意、当地饮食文化、饮食习惯、饮食中的人 有一个积极的意义, 重新发现和重新评估理想的说话和烹饪方式。 目前在45个国家设有分支机构, 成员约为 80 000 人。

在慢食运动中, 我们可以通过生产者与消费者之间关系中新的、适当的分销渠道, 看到可持续生产和消费与自然环境相协调。 食物不是充满胃和确保营养的 "诱饵"。 快餐诱饵的概念是价格的决定因素, 远未安全、有保障、不自然的环境。


半世紀を経て・・・ 1999.04.15


測定義務怠った施設も791ヵ所 1999.04.15


Expanding renovation, repair and renovation markets ②

The renovation and renovation work commonly referred to as renovation and renovation work, the Building Standards Act is called "large scale renovation work" and "large scale makeover". It is a construction to restore the performance and the quality by using the same shape, the same size, and the same material for one or more of the main structural parts of the building (wall, pillar, floor, beam, roof or stairs) Though it is "large scale repair work". On the other hand, the construction to restore the performance and the quality of one or more of the main structural parts of the building is changed by different specifications, and says "large scale remodeling". The health and environmental impact of dilapidated buildings that require renovation and renovation is also great. Significant health damage due to formaldehyde (one of the causative substances of Sick House syndrome) and asbestos (substances that cause lung cancer, malignant mesothelioma, etc.) contained in building materials, paints, and heat islands due to the increase of concrete buildings and buildings in urban areas Various problems such as the waste of energy when using a building are actualized. The renovation and renovation of the building structure, maintenance of the function, of course, to improve the load of health and environment, and to provide a comfortable life of the people living there, also play a role to enhance the asset value by adding a variety of functions to the building. In the future, the demand for renovation and renovation of large-scale facilities (public facilities, hotels, ryokans, etc.) has been growing every year, as well as the dilapidated apartment houses built after the high economic growth period and thereafter. The local con in the region dedicated to the business development of the new field advancement began to move to the order in this field starting a major general contractors.

The waste tire - material recycling, reuse or thermal recycling 2001.06.20

Needless to say, waste can be paid by the place where it is brought, and the money may be paid as a valuable thing oppositely. Recently, it was traded as a valuable thing, and the case where money came out came out to have paid the money so far according to the kind of the waste. For instance, the waste tire is so. As for thermal recycling, the processing cost of 40 to 60 yen per bottle was required when bringing in cement high school (for cement firing). When it is brought to the steel mill, it is bought as a valuable thing.

In this background, the demonstration operation of the new recycling process to put the waste tire into the converter by introducing the new Japan manufactured by Hirohata Ironworks from February 1999 to the steelmaking fuel, and the demand of the waste tire has increased in the full-scale operation transition. By the way, the steel plant is fitted with a cut tire input equipment to the molten iron manufacturing equipment, as a reducing agent such as carbon black included in the waste tire, the iron-funnel is used for molten metal raw material, synthetic rubber is gasifier and blowing gas. This will accelerate the thermal recycling of waste tires at once.

However, waste thermal recycling is the final means of recycling. When we consider the finite properties of resources, we want to emphasize material recycling and reuse. Generally, the recycling of waste tires is 36% material, and thermal 51%. In addition to recycled rubber and rehabilitation tires, materials such as pavement materials and mats. The remainder is exported to Southeast Asia as used tire and is used. In order for material recycling to spread, it is assumed that the price, quality, and appearance are the same or superior to the conventional products, in terms of the market for recycled products. On the other hand, standardization of JIS is also important. Otherwise, it is inevitable that the waste tire will be swallowed by the wave of the incineration principle.

環境基本計画全面見直しへ 1999.04.15


Re-commercialization is not keeping up with favorable recovery 1999.11.15

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the amount of PET bottles collected from April to August 1999 was 23274 tons. three times. At the end of fiscal 1999, it exceeded 49620 tons of scheduled 64000 tons (1.5-liter conversion of 990 million books) is expected to be collected. Although the re-commercialization business has been increasing from 28 companies in fiscal 1998 to 36 in FY 1999, they have been greatly exceeding their ability to re-commercialize, and municipalities are refusing to take over.


Expanding renovation, repair and renovation markets ①

The Western construction market is said to be over 5 million buildings (more than 500 thousand buildings in general detached houses) that need renovation and renovation in Japan from new construction to renovation and repair and renovation market. Do you want to make a long life by adding a hand to these? As the national stadium and Tsukiji market (including soil contamination problems) are rebuilt, we have major environmental problems such as waste disposal and new resource introduction. Construction waste accounted for approximately 20% of all industrial waste emissions, and the landfill volume of the final disposal site was approximately 40%. Now, a serious discussion has begun to say what to do with this huge construction stock. At the same time, the renovation and renovation business has emerged as a "big business opportunity" in this field. Considering the environmental impact, such as the reduction and effective use of waste in new construction, and the introduction of fresh resources, it is said that the longevity of buildings such as collective housing (stock maintenance) is much smarter. In addition to renovation and renovation, including the seismic resistance of existing buildings, the business of conversion (use diversion) has been closed up. The renovation of each room accompanying this is also a surge in business opportunities.

Open the National Forest free 1999.11.15

The forestry agency plans to open approximately 100 national forests around the country for free in the next five years to NPOs, volunteers and schools for the purpose of forest protection. Named "Fureai no Mori", each group voluntarily creates an action plan, and permits a wide range of activities such as weeding and planting of trees, forest classrooms in the field, and setting up a walking path. The region has already been set up in seven places such as Gunma Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture.

36兆キロカロリーを抑制 1999.04.15



秋田生态城, 宫城县, 佐吉萨瓦町 1999.12.15

秋田县和宫城县佐泽镇分别从铁道部和卫生福利部批准了生态城镇。 这两个计划都计划在前矿址建立一个以废品回收设施为中心的生态小镇。 秋田县将根据消费电子产品回收法的执行情况运营该厂, 并将确保每年约 132, 000 台, 其中30% 是东北3省 (秋田、青森、岩手县) 生产的4台家用电器。 另一方面, 在佐佐川镇, 我们制定了 "与环境相协调的区域发展规划", 将原细泽寺高中建成的家电回收厂定位。 我们已经建立了一个新的公司与几个消费电子产品制造商, 主要是三菱材料, 加工30万台, 每年。

2005年光触媒至1万亿日元市场 1999.12.15

三菱研究院 (mitsubishi research institute) 汇编了一项调查, 调查显示, 2005年国内环境和净化催化产品, 如废气净化和二恶英处理, 将扩大到约200万亿日元。 鉴于此, 我们看到分解有机物的光触媒会导致催化剂市场, 并预测目前约400亿日元的市场规模将在2005年膨胀到1万亿日元。 水处理设备和纺织产品的使用范围预计将扩大。

The six laws concerning circulation in Japan 2002.10

Since the establishment of the environmental Basic Law, which is said to be the constitution of the Environment in 1993, the laws of the environment-related laws and regulations have been steadily advancing, and the following circulating six laws are legislated in the conventional diet. The Basic Law for promoting the formation of a recycling-oriented society (enacted in June 2006) the revised Waste Disposal Act (Ministry of Health and Welfare in April 2001) promotion of effective use of resources (environmental agency, METI, Ministry of Health and Welfare) construction Materials Recycling Law (Ministry of Construction in November 2000) Promoting the recycling of food resources (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in April 2001) Green Purchasing Act (Enforcement of the environmental Agency in April 2001) the ordinance of the municipality is newly institutionalized, and it is revised. All of these trends are related to the business opportunities of environmental business, or the development of environmental management systems. Therefore, it is important for each business operator to understand the necessary regulations and to constantly check their movements.

东京印刷业在新组织中考虑工业废弃物措施 1999.12.15

成立东京都印刷工业协会、首都印刷工业协会、东京图形服务业协会和12个与印刷相关的主要行业协会 印刷业开始创建跨组织。 委员会将首先处理印刷过程中产生的纸张和油墨等工业废物措施。 我们将考虑促进联合加工和回收, 以进行适当的加工和降低成本。

扩展山形县川町风力发电设施 1999.12.15

扩大位于城镇振兴核心的风力发电设施。 该镇制定了新的能源引进计划, 并计划在 2 0 0 5年左右通过风力发电满足全镇的所有电力需求。 2000年春, 丹麦已经有两个100千瓦、400千瓦级、两个600千瓦级机组和 "立川风力发电研究所", 该研究所也在该镇拥有股份。 它将出售给东北电力。


建設廃棄物でリサイクル促進法を提言 1999.04.15


【要点在这里】使用生命周期评估的四个目的 1999.04.15

什么是生命周期评估? 生命周期评估是分析、评估和量化我们所享受的产品和服务在整个生命周期 (产品的采购、生产、消费和处置) 中对环境的影响的一种方式。 生命周期评价的目的是使其成为减少人类活动各个方面的环境负荷的判断材料, 但生命周期评价的使用目的是多种多样的。

 (1) 自愿改善支助。 我们可以计算产品和工艺过程等对环境的影响, 选择可回收材料, 并定量评估支持工具, 以开发对环境影响较小的环保产品 (ecp), 并通过节能加工和组装来改进工艺。 企业环境管理体系和环保产品改善效果的定量评价工具可用于营销。

 (2) 营销支持。 公司不仅将公布产品开发, 而且将评价结果作为公司的正面比较, 并将其作为自我主张公关等支持工具, 以改善产品和企业的形象。 今后, 它可以作为与其他公司产品的比较, 在目录中公布。

 (3) 支持消费活动。 利用环境信息 (如生态标签 bel) 审查生活方式, 以减少对环境的影响, 并选择传播环境教育和购买环境影响较小的产品的工具。 我们还可以为促进绿色采购做出贡献, 积极购买环保产品和服务。

 (4) 对经济和社会制度的反思。 实现低环境影响和周期性经济和社会制度的基本信息。 它还可以作为基本的环境信息, 了解实际环境, 为未来建立环境管理。 此外, 它还可以反映在环境管理体系的对应中, 从而导致自愿改善。 在从生命周期评价的实现或用户方面进行分类时, 大致可分为自我改进类型通用的两个产品选择支持类型和 (1) 的其他 (2) 到 (4)。


Industrial waste disposal site, new approval decrease 1999.11.15

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the industrial waste landfill site, which was approved in April-September 1999, has stopped at nine facilities nationwide. The number of new permits for the past few years is expected to decrease significantly compared to the annual rate of about 130. In June 1998, amendments to the enforcement of the waste disposal law have made stricter approval requirements, and there have been opposition movements occurring in various places. As of April 1998, there are 2925 facilities in the nationwide landfill disposal site.

环境广告 (沃尔沃制造商日本) 环境业务点1998.12.15

沃尔沃制造商的日本, 沃尔沃的瑞典最大的汽车制造商的日本分公司, 已经显示了它的方向, 在日本的 "环境广告"。 该公司环境广告的第一期于1990年发布, "我们的产品是一个简单的身体副本, 解释了在生产过程中采取环境措施的情况, 产生污染、噪音和废物。 太令人震惊和令人信服了。 这次环保广告背后的原因是, 该公司在1989年制定的 "环境声明" 中得到了坚定的支持。 1995年, 公布了自有生产汽车的环境破坏数据, 并编制了每种车型的环境规格。 公司环境广告的特点不是 (1) 产品形象的吸引力效应, 而是传达企业对环境的理念和态度。 披露负载 (2) 产品对环境的影响等信息。 从 (3) 方面到使用方, 三点提高了所有相关人员的认识。 此外, 公司环境广告的特点是公告的地点仅限于报纸出版。 这样做的原因是强调印刷媒体的准确传播和说服力, 而不是电视等视觉信息的模糊性。 请勿在印刷媒体中使用杂志。 为了避免读者对象的偏差, 这是在大众坚持到最后。 "环保广告" 在 ce 领域将变得越来越重要。 其框架是披露 (披露) 和问责制 (信息披露)。 这种方法所能呈现和体现的新工作将诞生于环保企业。

United States slowdown in greenhouse gas emissions 1999.11.15

The U.S. Department of Energy announces its 98-year global warming gas emissions. 1.803 billion tonnes to 97 compared to 1997. 2% increased slightly (of which CO2 is equal to 1.495 billion tons). 3 percent increase). Economic growth rate in 1998 3. 9 per cent significantly above. In addition to reducing the use of fuel in the steel and chemical industries, the reduction in the automotive sector has been noticeable, but the ministry has said that it will not necessarily continue to decelerate emissions after 1999, removing special factors such as mild winter and General Motors's strike.

有料道路の低公害車割引 1999.04.15



2018年時点での 世界遺産条締約国は193か国・世界遺産総数は1092件・文化遺産は



Industrial waste disposal site, new approval decrease 1999.11.15

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the industrial waste landfill site, which was approved in April-September 1999, has stopped at nine facilities nationwide. The number of new permits for the past few years is expected to decrease significantly compared to the annual rate of about 130. In June 1998, amendments to the enforcement of the waste disposal law have made stricter approval requirements, and there have been opposition movements occurring in various places. As of April 1998, there are 2925 facilities in the nationwide landfill disposal site.

Import and sales of environmental equipment from overseas 1998.8.15

The environmental business market is steadily expanding. More than 40% of listed companies and about 20% of unlisted companies are already developing or planning environmental business. The overall sales trend is on the rise. Government policies, policies, laws and regulations, corporate-side environmental activities, and the improvement of civic consciousness to the environment are the winds of expansion. Because an environmental business item can counts 800, it is thought that there is always a business opportunity on the extension of the work of the production. If the interest and awareness of environmental issues are deepened and it becomes a radar, newcomers should not be so difficult. There are a number of new ways to enter the market even if there is no adequate environmental resources for the new entrants. One of them is import and sale of environmental equipment from overseas. There are a lot of outstanding environmental equipment and goods of life-size not found in Japan country in the European and American countries called the Environment advanced country. The number is also rich, the quality is easy to operate high and the price is positively cheap. For example, there is no such thing as enumeration, such as Australia power saving device, Denmark wind power generator, United Kingdom water quality analysis equipment, and environmental goods of the United States made daily necessities. There is such a success example. The president of a small and medium-sized company who succeeded in the import and sale of a compressed reduction vessel convenient for the transportation and storage of Sweden-made garbage four years ago, "insight to choose a product, foresight to read the destination of the law, if there is a marketing power," he said. It was a success after thoroughly examining the European and American recycling-related laws and anticipating the establishment of a similar law in the Japan (container and packaging recycling law). As a source of information on imports, there is an environmental equipment exhibition that will be held in Japan first. Search on the Internet is also valid. Information can be caught from overseas environmental magazines. The trend of environmental goods in each country is examined in the Japan Trade Promotion Association (JETRO). A new entry into the environment business by the import and sale from overseas in a small business is high probability of success. It is also possible to create a trading company specializing in environmental concerns.

埼玉県で産廃不法処理の摘発6割増 1999.04.15


Nox排出の37%は船舶から 1999.04.15



学生の間貫一(はざま かんいち)の許婚であるお宮(鴫沢宮、しぎさわ みや)は、結婚を間近にして、富豪の富山唯継(とみやま ただつぐ)のところへ嫁ぐ。それに激怒した貫一は、熱海で宮を問い詰めるが、宮は本心を明かさない。貫一は宮を蹴り飛ばし、復讐のために、高利貸しになる。一方、お宮も幸せに暮らせずにいた。
「吁(ああ)、宮(みい)さんかうして二人が一処に居るのも今夜ぎりだ。お前が僕の介抱をしてくれるのも今夜ぎり、僕がお前に物を言ふのも今夜ぎりだよ。一月の十七日、宮さん、善く覚えてお置き。来年の今月今夜は、貫一は何処(どこ)でこの月を見るのだか! 再来年(さらいねん)の今月今夜……十年後(のち)の今月今夜……一生を通して僕は今月今夜を忘れん、忘れるものか、死んでも僕は忘れんよ! 可いか、宮さん、一月の十七日だ。来年の今月今夜になつたならば、僕の涙で必ず月は曇らして見せるから、月が……月が……月が……曇つたらば、宮さん、貫一は何処かでお前を恨んで、今夜のやうに泣いてゐると思つてくれ」





形態があるわけではなく、さまざまなタイプのものが存在する。 発祥の地はフランス。


エコグッズ リサイクル桑材を使用した製品 1999.04.15

〈リサイクルコッ トン/くずまゆ(絹〉 /リサイクル ウール/カニの甲羅/PETリサイクル繊維/リサイ クル ナイロン〉

環境にした素材に、 これまでごみと して廃棄され て きたものをリサイ クルして繊維素材に したものがある。 天然繊維であれば紡績の過程で落綿 ・ くずまゆと して廃棄されていたコットン・ウール、 回収されリサィクル されたコッ トン・ウール、 新しぃ発想でカニの甲羅を再 利用 した繊維素材がある。 化学繊維であれば、 回収した PETボ トル、 使用済みナイロンを再生してできる繊維素 材がある。 これまで、 廃棄されてきたものを再利用するという点では、 資源の有効活用、 廃棄物削減に貢献する ものでぁる。

繊維系の廃棄物は回収さえできれば100%再生できるの に、 ごみと して焼却・埋め立てされている。 日本化学繊 維協会の調べでは、 国内の纉維系廃棄物の再利用率は%95年推計で9%とかなり低い。 これからは現在市場に出 回っている衣科品のリサイ クルが重要になる。 現在危機 的な状況にぁる国内繊維リサイクル産業だが、 回復が期 待される。 今後の課題は技術的なものよ り も、 ー般廃 棄物と して家庭から排出される古着や古布の回収システ ムの構築である。

First in the foundry industry, environmental liability insurance 1999.11.15

The Gifu Foundry Co-operative Association, which is a member of 33 companies, announced on November 1 that it had been enrolled in environmental pollution liability insurance for industrial waste disposal. AIU Insurance is a commodity, and the total supplementary linguistics is 100 million yen per accident in common interpersonal objective. Annual premium is 780,000 yen. The association has jointly outsourced 13600 tons of industrial waste processing annually, but in the event of an environmental pollution accident, it is judged that it is difficult to avoid the liability of small and medium-sized exhaust companies.

Minpaku Growing share business in Japan 1

With the expansion of the service industry due to changes in the industrial structure, the share business is expanding. Share is a point of share, but in addition to the ban "Minpaku" in this June, already established as a new industry, such as cars and bicycles, offices. I tried to follow the actual business of the share. What is the share business? The definition of a shared business is not strictly defined. In general, "services that can be used by others to use the Internet, such as idle assets held by individuals" or. Recently, not only individuals, but also companies have been widely entered. Car sharing has already been commercialized by the parking lot management company and the car rental company mainly in the city part. The hotel is expected to expand its new business as an alternative facility for hotels in anticipation of the growing tourist. In this area, the "Air Bee and Bee" Company has grown to a huge "hotel chain" with more than 4.5 million registered properties in United States. -The future of share business is prominent in the exchange of things such as cars and rooms, from now time and know-how, wisdom and said intangible things can also be expected to be targeted. The business of sharing the professional ability such as acting on behalf of the housework general and the language lesson, and the design and the program construction is likely to become widespread. Share business is a low barriers to entry, if you have a PC or smartphone mechanism to tie the supply and demand is possible business idea. It's better to have a more mobile business place than a big company. It is also possible to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy in the local economy by utilizing human resources buried the region.

We couldn't find any cases concerning the success of biomass power generation. ②2018.12.01

● Construction of a good cascade use system by the region.

For the time being, the Japan will use woody biomass readily available in the region as a heat source, and consider electricity supply as the next step. In some regions, it is advisable to introduce a cogeneration system (cogeneration systems) suitable for tall. In any case, the success of the use of woody biomass is essential to ensure the quality, the entrance to the stable of quantity, and the outlet of the heat (electricity) that is obtained from it. The entrance and the exit are secured, and it is orthodox to start planning the introduction of a proper equipment. I want to be careful because it is equipment for the production business of heat (electricity). By the way, it is no doubt that the utilization of woody biomass resources will be further increased from the viewpoint of reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2) adopted by the COP21 in France Paris and carbon neutrality. Based on fossil fuels, woody biomass power generation reduces CO2 emissions by 0.5 tons. On the other hand, it is said that it will reduce about 1 ton if heat production. From this, the policy and the system of the priority of the use of heat are developed than power generation?

Dioxin survey at Atsugi Housing in US military 1999.11.15

The environmental agency and U.S. forces in Japan jointly surveyed from the U.S. military family housing in the U.S. military Atsugi base in Japan, which was "damaged by the smoke of a neighboring industrial waste treatment facility," in July-November 1999. As a result, the average value of about 300 meters north of the incinerator is 8. 0 Pikogram, high concentrations of dioxins in the maximum value of 58 piccograms were detected. In this matter, the defense agency had just put 1.2 billion yen and set up a solid fuel manufacturing facility for the company this spring.


再商品化率は50~60% 1999.04.15


関心あれど行動伴わず 1999.04.15


Decision to grant regional new energy subsidy 1999.12.15

The new energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) decided to provide a subsidy for promoting regional new energy introduction in fiscal 1999. The total of 47 projects accounted for nearly half of the solar power generation by 20. Then, ten wind power generation businesses, six natural gas cogeneration projects, and three clean energy automobile businesses. The company also adopted one waste generation business and one waste fuel manufacturing business for the first time.

47% of industrial incineration facilities scheduled for renewal and remodeling 1999.12.15

The Industrial Research Committee (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) conducted a questionnaire survey of industrial waste intermediate processing companies nationwide (effective 448 times). In response to the regulation of dioxins emissions in 2002, 47 of the companies that own incinerators. 3% say "update/remodel". "It is already supported" 28. climbed to 9 percent. Eight percent of the respondents said they would withdraw, but the research group estimates that the demand for incinerators will exceed 500 billion yen by 2002.


すでに条例公布も 1999.04.15


崩壊進む南極巨大氷棚 1999.04.15


Biomas based energy co-generation in Denmark 1999.06

For heat and emission biomass, dissected in the global energy consumption accounted for 14%, but this is because the direct combustion use of firewood is still being conducted in the developing region. On the other hand, the EU-wide creation is still less than 2.5%, but since the 1970s, it has been positioned as an important issue in the EC research plan, with the provision of renewable energy that is less environmentally Development is being promoted for the purpose of development of technology.

Among them, it is Denmark to be active in the introduction of the biomass based co-generation (CHP). As in the former Japan, the policy of energy self-sufficiency has been promoted since the oil shock of two degrees in the 1970s in the Demark which depended on the import of 90% of energy. In 1985, "The introduction of public Energy that does not use nuclear power generation" was passed by the diet, and it was raised as a national policy to use renewable energies centering on wind and biomass. The Denmark boasts an agricultural self-sufficiency rate of 300%.


Ibara Self-selling recycling center, explosion of processing volume 1999.12.15

The Ibara Recycling Center is expected to increase the number of used car demolition units in 1999 to 26000 units, up 30% compared to 1998. 70% of the increase in the 1996 ratio. At the end of 1998, the Waste Treatment law was amended, and the Production Waste Management table (manifest) was mandated, and the management responsibility of the exhaust operators strengthened, and the treatment was concentrated in the center. 26000 units hit 17% of the annual scrapped number in Ibaraki Prefecture.

计划建造固体燃料 (RDF) 发电设施 京都府綾部市 1999.12.15

由于垃圾焚烧设施老化, 我们计划建造一个固体燃料发电厂, 用于改造工作。 设计的基本设计和实施于1999年完成, 2000年开始施工, 并于2002年11月完成。 新设施将每天处理50吨可燃垃圾, 生产25吨 rdf, 并将其用作安装在同一地点的发电厂的燃料。 发电能力为 1010千瓦, 可覆盖设施的电力。 这可以节省每年2000万日元的电费。

Biomas energy 2000.08.15

Biomass energy used in methods such as direct combustion, methane fermentation and gasification by pyrolysis has been reviewed as a promising source of energy. By 2010, the European Union has doubled its share of renewable energy (including geothermal and large-scale hydropower) from 6% to 12% in total energy, up 8. It plans to make biomass for 5% (10 million kw in heat output). Sweden and Finland that have been working relatively early have already covered about 20% of the primary energy supply and 12% Austria. The use of biomass in the European Union is mainly due to the local heat supply through combustion. In Sweden, many municipalities have heat supply facilities that burn wood and other trees that cannot be used for timber, and heat is being sent to public facilities and houses through piping that is built underground in urban areas. <!--more-->
In areas that do not draw piping, woody fuel processed small pellets are used for the fuel of stoves and small boilers. Because plant resources are used to fix CO2 by photosynthesis, the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can be kept constant if the tree is planted even if it burns it. In food factories and paper mills that generate a large amount of organic wastes, it is possible to recycle in the factory and reduce the cost of energy, let alone the processing cost. Especially for food waste recycling law in April 2001, more and more examples of adopting methane fermentation technology are being used in food factories.

古紙が品薄 1999.04.15


70% 的供应商同意绿色运输 1999.12.15

考虑采用不使用柴油车向东京都政府运送货物的 "绿色交付" 的城市, 对大约8300家公司进行了调查问卷 (约4200家公司)。 受访者表示, 他们使用过柴油车, 占交付该车供应商的 4 2%, 但总数约有 7 0% 赞成绿色航运, 约 6 0% 的供应商做出了回应。 其中 8 0% 以上的人将 "更换汽油车辆" 作为一种通信方法。


We couldn't find any cases concerning the success of biomass power generation. ① 2018.12.01

< About Woody biomass power generation >

Last year in 2017, we looked at the first international Biomass Power generation exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.

As the renewable energy fixed price purchase system (FIT) and power liberalization became the lure of water, the venue was exhibited many power generation related facilities, and the number of visitors was many, especially in the event that the power generation business using woody biomass in various parts of Japan was started. The difficulty of woody biomass power generation of woody biomass power generation is as far as the success case of the business to be able to take profit is close to zero.Looking at this exhibition, the biomass power generation business of the Japan, in fact, was a subsidy project in the past and the present, and it seemed that it was still far ahead to become independent as the power supply which was able to take profit on a roll on a commercial base. In the case of woody biomass power generation, the purchase price of Japan fit is 32 yen per 1kw in unused timber. I hear that this is a case in which a chip of 12000 yen per ton is made a fuel in the 5MW facility by the steam turbine. However, the business operation is difficult though it set the purchase price of 42 yen last year in a smaller power generation facility than this. Therefore, the electric power of the equipment cannot help becoming a large equipment. Large-scale equipment can reduce the cost of electricity, which is more profitable. Many large-scale power generation facilities are exhibited in the venue on this day, and the introduction has been proposed and planned.

However, the reality is severe. If it becomes possible to introduce a large-scale equipment that only the priority of the thermal use than power generation is not recoverable cost high, and the equipment operation, to operate the business, the collection of the current woody biomass resources, and considering various circumstances such as efficient energy use,
The sustainable power generation business is a difficult and unreasonable story even if the subsidy is used. So, what should I do? The answer is one.
First of all, the proper use of woody biomass based on the current situation is not the first form of power generation, and it seems that the priority of thermal use is high solid business profitability. In United Kingdom, we removed woody biomass from fit and started buying a fixed price instead of heat.

First prefectural organization established in green purchasing 1999.12.15

The company established the Shiga Green Network, a green purchasing organization in the prefectural area, on December 16, including 31 companies, consumer groups, and municipalities in Shiga Prefecture, including Matsushita Electric Industrial and NEC Kansai. The green purchasing organization for public-private collaboration will be the first in the prefectural organization. We will deepen cooperation at the local level by involving small and medium-sized companies and civic groups that cannot be covered by the "green Purchasing network" at the national level.

ESCO and the resource company business 1999.05.15

In the Environmental business field, energy conservation and resource-related business are likely to stand up. In the energy saving business, various technologies, products, and services related to energy saving and power saving are born to promote the rationalization of the use of energies. In Europe and the United States, it is called the Energy Service Company (ESCO) business, and it is in full swing as a business to provide the facilities, technology, manpower, and funds to enable energy saving and power saving for existing construction and factories.

In the Japan, it is commercialized for the enterprise, and energy saving and the power saving equipment are becoming popular gradually in the general process. The resource Service company business related to the resource saving if you want there is a business that such a ESCO business leads to energy saving, and it is not amusing to be commercialized in earnest. It is a support business that re-emphasizes production-oriented social structures and is a "resource saving" type. For each company and local government, we have developed a small amount of high-value-added products, the development of recycled resource-based product, the resource procurement of products, and the consulting of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for all production, distribution, consumption and disposal. It can be said that this is a comprehensive project to promote resource saving such as introduction of recycling technology and clustering of wastes.

This business is in full swing to promote resource saving and recycling technology. Japan imports vast amounts of natural resources from overseas and exports them to foreign countries as processed goods. Therefore, it is discharged to a large amount of waste and domestic. 2.2 billion tonnes of resources flowed in 1996. Of these, 1.29 billion tons are discharged after becoming new stock, such as civil engineering buildings, but only 230 million tons of recycled materials are used. Less than 900 million tonnes of waste are required, and the industrial wastes, 50 million tons, are general waste. The resource company business inevitably comes into view in the drastic improvement of the resource problem.

野菜くず堆肥化、行政頼み 1999.04.15


Environmental equipment orders increased 3.6% YoY 1999.12.15

The Japan Industrial Machinery Industry Association summarized the Order of environmental equipment for the first half of fiscal 1999 (April-September). 676,065,000,000 yen, a 3.6 percent increase over the previous year, in particular, ahead of the dioxin regulation of urban waste incinerator in 2002, and the garbage disposal system increased by 31.5% to 335,708,000,000 yen. In the second half of the year, however, it was expected that the field which had been ordered ahead by the economic measures such as water pollution prevention would be greatly depressed.












Increase in purchase price of recycled paper 1999.11.15

Since November, paperboard manufacturers have raised the purchase price (without freight) from a magazine paper wholesaler in the central west of the Chubu area by 4 yen and 1 yen per kilo. It became the form corresponding to the shortage of the raw paper by the demand expansion of recycled paper. In the past few months, the stock price of the old-paper wholesaler in the Kansai area has been falling to around 20% in recent.

バイオレメディエーションでガイドライン 1999.04.15


Lawsuit in violation of U.S. Justice Department Air Purification Act 1999.11.15

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against seven power companies operating a total of 17 coal-fired power plants in Ohio, Florida and other countries as a violation of the air purification law. Each power plant could be fined up to 27500 dollars per day. According to the ministry, these power plants were discharged in large quantities, such as NOx and SOx, as a result of unauthorized improvement of the Operation life extension, which is prohibited by the purification method.

分散型エネで研究分科会発足 1999.04.15



Accelerated illegal dumping of industrial waste 1999.12.15

According to a summary of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the number of illegal dumping of industrial waste in 1998 was 1273, and it was found that the survey was about five times higher than in the 93 fiscal year. The waste Disposal Law revision in 1997 has seen that the landfill shortage has accelerated due to the stricter approval requirements of the final disposal site. In fact, the number of new improvements in the disposal site has plummeted sharply, and the number of permits that have been around 130 per year has stopped only nine from April 1999 to September 1999.

Traceability to ensure food safety

In the normal major distribution, the producer information cannot be obtained by the consumer.

In other words, "the person who makes me, the person who eats" the safety and the relief of food are ensured in the tall size relation which can be trusted mutually.

* Traceability [traceability] is to clarify the process of cultivation, breeding, processing, manufacturing, and distribution to ensure food safety.It also refers to the mechanism.

In order to ensure their traceability, the relationship between producers and consumers in the field of food is being made visible. Speaking about antibiotics disease prevention, for example fish, aquaculture such as pigs. Fish farming in like fish tank is an antibiotic pickle for disease prevention. Naturally, a deformity fish comes out. I hear that the deformity is turned to the revolving sushi cut chunks. In the case of pig farming, the administration of antibiotics is inevitable. The swine farming, which is shipped in March and May, is also used for antibiotics, and many are still in pneumonia. Some mind feed makers do not use antibiotics to promote human health, and some are promoting lactic acid feed. However, there is a fight of the production cost, and it seems to be difficult to spread. When we consider food problems, including foods loss, we cannot improve food producers-consumer relationships (virtual water accompanying import and export).

【要点在这里】生态城镇业务 - 私营企业为中心的领先回收设施 2002.06.20

"通过支持发展以私营企业为中心的领先回收设施, 生态泰的业务将继续积极发展, 作为一项国家政策, 以支持创建零废物城市, 并促进环境产业成为一个新的产业。 生态城镇业务将显示今年经济产业省环境预算分布的最大增长率。 今年, 去年增长了13亿日元。 以 "资源回收补贴" 为幌子, 今年的主要业务是 "对宠物瓶、塑料废塑料、废木等回收设施的补贴"。
过去, 生态城镇业务得到了全国 1 5个地点的认可。 我听说目前有50个地点, 该地区正准备申请生态城镇项目。 今年, 第一个 "富山生态城镇规划" 被经济产业省和环境部批准, 削减顶。 该业务的内容是用于包装塑料、塑料加工和农业中产生的废塑料的回收材料, 以及回收成胸罩材料的材料。 左边是转换为石油的过程。 促进 "混合废塑料回收利用", 该区域在没有废物的情况下使用。 此外, 我们还将建筑垃圾回收成高附加值的建筑材料, 以及当地房屋制造商使用的企业。
当我们看生态城镇业务的轮廓时, 我们将促进向铁路和航运的模式转变, 以建设静脉物流网络, 以及废物和服务回收、医疗废物和 pcb 解毒。 引入自然能源和更多。 未来, 生态城镇业务将加快发展, 实现区域循环型社会。 可以肯定的是, 它将在该地区创造第一个环保企业, 但这个问题能否作为盈利企业继续存在?

′21世纪生活′ 大分县新的长期综合规划

总结了新的21世纪长期综合计划 (1999-2010年) 的最后草案。 在实现 "21世纪生活" 基本目标的五项措施中, 其特点是环境领域。

(1) 2010年推出的住宅太阳能发电系统从147个增加到 1 000个。 (2) 将获得 iso14001 认证的市镇从1个城市增加到48个城市。
(3) 将每人每天排放的垃圾量减少到945克, 低于电流的20%。
(4) 工业废物的回收率21。 2% 到44%。

纳入了上述具体的数字目标。 今后, 我们将制定每三年重新审查一次的实施计划, 并推广该计划。

The green of the car tax off thick 1999.12.15

The Government tax survey was examined in a direction to see the tax reform of the 2000 fiscal year off in the "auto Tax green", which increases or decreases automobile tax due to fuel efficiency. The opinion that the meaning of "greening" fades because of the idea of the Ministry of Transportation, etc. that the large-scale freight car which accounts for 40% of the total CO2 emission of the entire automobile does not apply because there is no fuel economy standard.


地域冷暖房、コージェネ・蓄熱槽主流 1999.04.15


Six laws concerning circular economy 2000.10.15

Since the establishment of the "Basic Environmental law," which is said to be the constitution of the Environment in 1993, the Law for environmental laws has been steadily underway, and the following six laws have been enacted in the normal diet.

①The Basic Act on promotion of recycling-oriented society (enforced in June 2006).
②The Amended Waste Treatment Act (Ministry of Health and Welfare in April 2001).
③Effective use of resources (environmental agency, Ministry and Ministry of Health and Welfare in January 2001).
④Building Materials Recycling Act (Ministry of Construction in November 2000).
⑤Act on the recycling and promotion of food resources (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in April 2001)
⑥Green Purchasing Act (Enforcement of the environmental Agency in April 2001).

The ordinance of the municipality is newly institutionalized, and it is revised. Both trends are closely related to the business opportunity of the environmental business or the construction of an environmental management system, and the factors that make major changes.

Therefore, it is important for each business operator to understand the contents of the necessary laws and to constantly check their movements. Then, there is the use of the internet first of all how to obtain it. We examine public information such as the Council of Environment-related councils, examination sessions, and research meetings of ministries. Other information by newspapers and magazines, national and local libraries, etc. The Official Gazette, the guidance through economic organizations (industrial associations, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.), and briefings by government agencies (prefectures and municipalities) are effective as sources of information.

On the other hand, we want to use the latest version of laws and regulations related to environment. It is convenient because it is replaced when the statute collection of the addition type is revised. In addition to domestic regulations, we also want to watch the laws of developed countries. Since the legal system of this country is followed by a lot of developed countries, it is possible to advance ahead and advance the dominant approach by catching information from developed countries at an early stage.

Large-scale exhibition with environmentally friendly products 1999.11.15

Japan's first eco-friendly product exhibition "Eco Tile Fair for Earth and me-eco-Products 1999" will be held at Tokyo Big Sight (free admission) from December 10 to 12, 2012. The ministry is planned to foster green consumers and promote the dissemination of environmentally friendly products, and the company has already decided to participate in more than 200 companies, bringing home appliances, stationery, automobiles and office products.

紙の燃料利用に対し測定要求 1999.04.15


The crisis of fiber regeneration 1999.11.15

The industry's seven stages, including the Federation of Textile Recycling Mecca and the Japan work Glove Industry association based in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, announced an urgent statement that the textile regeneration system is facing a crisis of collapse. In the work glove market, which accounts for 80% of recycled textile demand, the use of recycled cotton has plummeted sharply since a few years ago. In addition to encouraging the use of domestic products to Governments and companies, the company will begin activities such as labeling industry certification labels for domestic products.


95% of waste vehicle recycling rate 1999.12.15

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers ' Association announced that it has been able to increase the recycling rate of waste vehicles from 80% to 95% of the current situation. The technology and the economy were secured by the demonstration test which fixed it excluding moisture after the iron and the glass debris which mixed with the crushed scrap which had been carried out in the research institution in Tsukuba City in Ibaraki prefecture were removed. We extract gas fuels such as methane at high temperatures, and take out the carbon-based substances that can be used for thermal insulation to ensure resource utilization.



The Renovation and renewal business of housing 1998.11.15

The "Renovation and renewal" business of housing, is expected to grow to a market that exceeds 20 trillion yen in fiscal 2015. The average service life of a Japan residence is very short with about 25 years. Compared with the 75 years of the United States, 44 years of the United Kingdom, it is well below considering the difference of the building method such as the wooden house and the brick. In the past, construction and renovation of new buildings has helped Japan domestic building demand. The construction industry has grown steadily in proportion to economic growth, and it can be said that the result of having continued the Bill de and scrap in that. According to the undisclosed of the Ministry of Construction and the Institute for Construction Economics, the maintenance and repair work for the entire construction industry in 1995 was 12.5 trillion yen. This is a total of 15.2% of all construction, and it has remained stable for the past six years. However, in Europe and the United States, it has exceeded 30% of United Kingdom, and has already grown to a scale comparable to the new market.

Over the standard at half benzene point 1999.11.15

The environmental agency announced the results of the monitoring of hazardous air pollutants in 1998 local public organization. According to it, Trichloroethylene, Tetrachloroethylene, among the estimated four substances, the environmental standard values at all measurement points, and dioxins also fell below atmospheric environmental guidelines at most points. However, benzene still exceeded the reference value at 135 points in the 292 point of measurement.




Japan's first ISO14001 acquisition 1999.11.15

Tokyo International Trade Fair Association, Inc., which manages and operates Tokyo Big Sight, acquired ISO14001 certification. This is Japan first exhibition venue and organizer organization. In the exhibition, the environmental load such as waste discharge and energy consumption, such as temporary construction for a short period, is also strengthened, and environmental measures are enhanced. Aiming at the end of fiscal 2001, the company aims to reduce the recycling rate by 15% of general waste and electricity consumption by 1 million kw per year, compared to 1998.


Forests absorb and accumulate about 11% of CO2 emissions in 1990 years

The amount of CO2 that is absorbed and accumulated by the forest and wood products, such as Wagueningen University of Netherlands, was investigated in six countries and one region, such as Japan and the United States. As a result, the Japan estimates that forests and timber products absorb and accumulate about 11% of the CO2 emissions for 90 years. Although the calculation method of CO2 absorption is determined by the Global warming Prevention conference in the Fall of 2000, the Japan which pledged to reduce by 6% compared with 90 years is recognized as a 5% increase in emissions.

The zero emission concept proposed by a company in Tokyo 1999.11.15

The Tokyo Zero Emission Committee announced the Tokyo Zero Emission concept, an environmental NGO composed of companies in Tokyo. It proposes facilities according to the four-stage population size of 10,000, 300,000, 1,000,000, and 3 million people, for example, in a district of 10,000 people, promoting the recovery and recycling of organic waste such as waste edible oil, In the district of one million people, the construction of the recycling system, such as resource reuse by networking between the plant is cited.




廃棄物の発生抑制を提言 1999.04.15


The amount of food waste in Japan 2018.11

The amount of food waste coming from home is excessive! The self-sufficiency rate in this country is about 40% on a calorie basis, which is not an accurate figure. It is probably the lowest in developed countries. Wouldn't years have been discarded as a food waste of 19 million ton, and 60% of the 11 million ton have been discharged from the home. The problem is that 200 to 4 million ton of the packaging have been discarded as unopened and uncooked. The fact is that most of them use electricity in the refrigerator and are abandoned without seeing the light of light as food. Many of the food that is thrown away is a cheap food which is done well in the supermarket which is the food imported from foreign countries with low price. Cheap It is the food that jumps and buys it saying. This is a small domestic product, imported goods that do not think it is only cheap and generally delicious. It saves it to the person in the refrigerator because it does not want to eat immediately. Most are out of date, and remain unopened to waste. The world's experts said, "Japan have money but no food." It is postponed to the next generation here.

油流出事故で情報システム 1999.04.15



エコグッズ 素材に配盧した製品 オーガニックコットン・オーガニックウール 1999.12.15

天然素材の調達における環境負荷は、 栽培 ・ 飼育から 繊維あるぃは生地になるまでの間に、 大量の化学薬品を使用している点。 その化学物質の使用を控え、 自然のものを活用することで、 環境負荷は大きく削減できる。 そうして作られたものが、 オ一ガニック (有機栽培) 製品。

コットンであれば、 栽培時の化学肥料、 薬、 収穫時 の落葉剤、 脱脂時の苛性ソーダ(合成洗剤に使用されているもの) 、 生地を織る際の合成ノリ、 加工時の漂白剤 や化学染科などが使用されている。 素材調達の段階で、 これら化学物質の替わりに、 有機肥科、 害虫駆除用テントウムシ、 生分解性の高いソーダ灰、 合成丿リ の替わり にコーンスタ―チを使用し、 漂白も染色もしないで作られている。

ウールであれば、 羊を飼育する際の牧草に農薬が使用 され、 シラミやダニがつかないよう年にー~2回は羊ごと農薬に浸ける。 また、 刈り取った毛も合成洗剤で洗 浄、 漂白、 クロム、ニッケルー スズを使用した染色など の過程を経て毛糸となる。 ォーガニツクウールは牧草を 有機栽培 し、 石けんのみで洗浄、 紡績袖に羊毛油を使用 して紡ぎ、 染色にも天然染科を使用 し、 クロム ・ ニッケル・ スズは使用しなぃ。

オーガニック繊維は、 環境負荷の低い素材であるが、 ファッション性の面ではこれまでの化学染科のようなバ リェーションが出ないという欠点はある。 しかし、 自然な風合いを生かしたデザインが次々と作り出されている。 今後は、 この素材の良さを生かしたデザイ ンの数が増えることで市場は膨らむだろう。

また、 現在オーガニックコットンの生産量は非常に少 な く 、 全綿糸の 1%にも満たないという。 有機栽培は収穫が多少不安定で手聞もかかり、 当然価格が髙くなるた め、 生産者にとってはリスクを伴う栽培方法でぁる。 そ こでメーカーや仲介業者、 小売業者などが積極的にオーガニック製品を取り扱い、今後産業と してさらに成長す るよ うなバックアップをすることが必要である。


1999年7月和8月对 904名20多岁和50岁的妇女进行了调查, 在东京都区有9家回收店。 我想把商品卖给旧货店的原因是 "我厌倦了商品" 最多 3 9。 8%。 "不需要礼物" 是 3 5。 8% 和持续。 在 70年代, 55岁的妇女。 另一方面, 8% 的女性对 5 0 年代 "厌倦"。 9% 的人引用了 "礼物", 并有明显的颜色编码。

The return of Black Forest - PM2.5

Serious air pollution, water pollution in the people's health damage, the rapid increase of fatalities in the world, China is going through the road of unparalleled pollution power. Currently, the PM2.5 concentration in Beijing is more than 12 times the domestic regulation value Japan at 400 msv.

Recently, PM2.5 has been reported mainly, but it is well known that China's air pollution includes sulfur, nitrogen oxides, dust, Cadnim, lead, etc. It joins with moisture in the air besides "Beijing asthma", and it becomes "acid rain" if it becomes rain though it is the one by the use of the coal and oil etc. with poor quality. In China, they call it the aerial demon. If this acid rain is Shiri to the Japan, the Forest Withers, the lake is acidified as the lemon is squeezed, and the concrete of the building is acidic and deteriorated and battered. Beijing has shown concern about "aerial demons", but it is neglect and neglected without any surgery. If you continue to leave this state, the Japan is sure to suffer a big blow. It is not likely to cover the whole Japan with the dome (roof).
Korea, the neighboring countries such as Taiwan will injured a lot of damage more than the Japan.

In the early nineteenth century, after the industrial revolution in United Kingdom, acid rain destroyed the Germany ' Black Forest ', and the whole of northern Europe was acidified to destroy the natural ecosystem.

Being asked now is not a coping therapy of using "mask" which prevents the polluted air from entering the body. There is a need for root treatment to prevent the spread of air pollutants in various pollutants. The conclusion of the Japan-China air pollution (acid rain) Treaty is considered as a means. It is a concrete approach based on the joint Implementation guidelines in the Convention.

In addition to excellent desulfurization and denitration technology, the Japan possesses technologies such as measures to prevent automobile emissions. How do we share technology between the two countries and fate the joint development of equipment and equipment? It is not a drawing of the territory, territorial waters or airspace. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Ministry of the Environment are facing challenge.

东京企业提出的零排放概念 1999.11.15

东京零排放委员会宣布了东京零排放概念, 这是一个由东京公司组成的环境非政府组织。 它根据 10, 000、300, 000、100万和300万人的四阶段人口提出设施建议, 例如在一个 10 000 人的地区, 促进废物食用油等有机废物的回收和再循环, 在 1 0 0万人口的小区里, 提到了回收系统的建设, 比如工厂之间的资源再利用。

エコグッズ ヘンブ・竹・ケナフ 1999.12.15

ヘンブは、 紀元前から人の生活に関ゎってきた人類最古の布素材であるが、 最近環境負荷が低いことから再度 注目を集めている。 ヘンプは成長力が強く、 薬や化学肥科を使用しなくても栽培できる麻の一種。 その成長も早く、 繊維素材として有効である。 へンプは若者にも人気の素材 で、 確実に伸びつつある繊維素材である。 また、ISO14001を取得したアパレルメーカー、 ジムが新素材 と して採用したものに、 天然の竹の繊維エキスを 抽出 して繊維状にしたものや、 非木材紙材科として注目されているケナフの繊維がある。 どちらも繊維が弱く、 それ単体では衣料品に利用できないが、 他の繊維と混紡することで活用できる。 どちらも成長が早く、 ケナフは 炭酸ガスの吸収量が多いことも知られているため、 これ までの繊維に加えて新たな素材として今後の開発が注目される。 竹繊維には天然の防臭 ・抗菌効果もあり、 この 点も竹繊維製品のセールスポイントとなりうるであろう。


【要点在这里】一个农场, 作为一个回收厂, 每天制造4吨堆肥 2002.10.15

另一方面, 他去了一个牧场, 这家牧场是一家回收厂, 牛 580头, 每天堆肥4吨。 免费食品废物从邻近的温泉日式旅馆, 食品加工制造商, 餐馆等 (运输成本由排放厂承担), 它已经生产了一个良好的堆肥的成分平衡超过6个月。 每个管理蔬菜、水果和园艺的农民都会订购, 以500日元左右的价格出售25公斤。 这种在全国罕见的流通体系的内容就是这样。

食物废物是通过对排放植物进行彻底的分类来进行的。 分离的废物用于饲料和堆肥。 在堆肥方面, 它在大约三个月的时间里保持了70°c 的温度, 并在牛粪等混合开关机器的过程中进行发酵。 当月的规划费用约为5万日元。 而且在剩下的三个月里, 它就变老了。 清酒的酿造是完全一样的。 成品堆肥没有异味, 即使在任何地方使用, 也特别安全、有保障。 有些堆肥是给附近的农民准备的。 因为堆肥是好的, 美味的作物可以收获。 温泉旅馆和出院的餐馆都买了。 排气的植物-农场-农民排放的植物和废物在植物周围循环, 并返回到作物改变他们的外观。

回收业务是在每个业务场所的合作下建立的。 它不只在一个营业场所获得批准。 它不会仅通过引入设备来循环。 只有在有废物回收机制的情况下, 才被批准为企业。 纵观许多回收企业, 设备的引进已经开始, 但事实并非如此。 作为回收业务的一部分, 只有通过处理适当的设备, 才能振兴和引进设备。 主要的优先事项是建立一个商业模式。 我们以3000万日元的价格出售自己的设备。 总统的梦想是用堆肥的钱来支付化肥账单, 只要聪明就可以了。